Friday, February 26, 2010

Greedy Productions - Electric Playground and Reviews on the Run Daily

In January I decided to go legit and accept an offer from my friend Vic Lucas. My new job is as supervising producer on: Reviews on the Run - Daily.

Our show starts airing daily Monday Mar.1st on CTV and G4 Canada. It will be broadcast back to back with Electric Playground Daily. In one calendar year we will produce 275 episodes of Reviews on the Run Daily ... combine that with another 275 episodes of EP Daily and you have . . . well a lot of television being made in a modest studio in Vancouver.

Of course you can never take the camera out of the man so I have been busy with quite a bit of shooting for Greedy Productions.

We just shot our first day's studio work on our new set:

Always a team effort at Greedy Prods, Paul Murakami (far right) helped me design the lighting and rigged almost everything. Enzo Zanatta op'd steadicam which allowed me to focus on tweaking lighting and the performance of Scott C. Jones (white shirt and tie) and Vic Lucas (black shirt and tie).

Look for daily episodes across the country on CTV starting Mar.1st . . .

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